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                  PM2.5 online source apportionment mass spectrometry monitoring system
                  SPAMS 05series
                  SPAMS 05 series can be used to real time monitor the refractory and fusible substances such as heavy metals, mine dust, black carbon, sulfate and so on in aerosols, simultaneously provide the information of particle size and chemical composition.Furthermore, it is used to study the interaction between aerosol particles and cloud droplets, evaluate the chemical composition and mixing state of single cloud residue particles.It can also be used to study the composition, mixing state and size distribution of sand dust, deepen the analysis of the causes and pollution process of dust pollution in China, and explore the influence of aerosol mixing state on the change of dust particles.
                  Principles of the instrument

                  Through high-sensitivity, high-speed and high-resolution TOF-MS, the chemical composition and size of single-particle aerosols can be measured in real-time and online, and the mixing state data of single particles can be obtained, and the source classification of PM2.5 can be realized quickly.

                  Features and advantages

                  • 01
                    Monitoring and analysis of PM2.5 pollution process.
                  • 02
                    Fine pollution source apportionment of big data.
                  • 03
                    Complete species: Detectable species include but are not limited to: black carbon, organic carbon, dust, inorganic salts, heavy metals, radioactive substances, and bioaerosols.
                  • 04
                    Source apportionment of PM2.5 at hourly level.
                  • 05
                    Simple monitoring:direct injection of aerosol samples, without complicated sample pretreatment, real-time online analysis, and high time resolution in seconds.
                  • 06
                    Multidimensional information: each particle size information and chemical composition information can be obtained simultaneously (positive and negative mass spectrometry).
                  Application case
                  • Guarantee of major events and competitions
                    Guarantee of major events and competitions
                    Since 2010, it has participated in almost all major national events support work, and real-time monitoring of air pollution conditions to protect the blue sky of the events.
                  • Assessment of treatment measures
                    Assessment of treatment measures
                    It can evaluate the effectiveness of pollution control and combine with the formulation of control measures to achieve positive circulation and continuous improvement.
                  • Causes of abnormal points
                    Causes of abnormal points
                    Combined with meteorological data and source apportionment results, the wind rose diagram is used to analyze the source of pollution and control the pollution from the source.
                  •  Fine source apportionment
                    Fine source apportionment
                    further refined classification based on basic classification, clarification of the precise control of atmospheric particles and targeted governance.
                  • Composition analysis of nano and micron meter particles
                    Composition analysis of nano and micron meter particles
                    The particle size and chemical composition of nano and micron meter particles can be studied by SPAMS. It has been used more and more in the field of material science, such as synthesis and charaterization of material.
                  • Emergency of severe pollution weather
                    Emergency of severe pollution weather
                    It can quickly capture the change process of heavy pollution weather, and timely carry out the cause analysis of heavy pollution weather and the effect evaluation of emergency measures.
                  •  Chemical composition of cloud granule
                    Chemical composition of cloud granule
                    The chemical composition and mixing state of a single cloud residue particle were evaluated.
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